March 2022 - What Makes A Bootstrapper?

March 03, 2022

March 2022 - What Makes A Bootstrapper?

A bootstrapper, according to the venerable wikipedia is "a self-starting process that is supposed to continue or grow without external input". What I think of as a bootstrapper business, is a small person with a good idea and not a clue how to go ahead and make it work, but it too controlling or pig headed to get anyone else to help.

I used to have a proper job. The sort that made you put on smart clothes before you stepped out into the not quite light of the early morning for a blank faced commute. The sort that made you stay at your desk until the important people had left to show them just how devoted you were to the job. The sort of job that meant you came home after dark with nothing more exciting to show for it than a pay cheque. Apparently I was on the up, doing well, climbing the career ladder. By all accounts I should have been thankful, grateful, content that the years spent working hard in education had paid off. I was one of the lucky ones to have got a foothold on the golden career staircase.

Damn those blank faced commuters, those well heeled souless souls. After years of a twice a day commute staring into those faces I had the awful realisation that they were me and I was one of them. Blanktey blank.

Welcome to the Diary Of A Bootstrapper, the story of how I jumped ship and sailed off on the good ship madness to Cornwall. You will find my rambles, raves, grumbles and occasionally great stuff about setting up an online business from home. I'm a maker selling actual physical stuff I make online on my website. So if you are looking for dropshipping, Amazon, Etsy or get rich quick schemes this blog ain't for you.

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