Harvey The St Ives Cat Cornwall

Harvey The St Ives Cat

Harvey The St Ives Cat Is A Black And White Cat Who Lives In St Ives Cornwall. He Lives In The Cornerways Guest House In Bethesda Place In Downalong. He Is A Friendly Cat Who Loves To Be Stroked & Have His Photo Take For Facebook!

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Green Door Of St Ives Cornwall

The Green Door Of St Ives - Have You Discovered It Yet?

Discover The Secrets Behind The Green Door Of St Ives. Have You Found Out Where It Is Yet?

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Smeaton's Pier St Ives Cornwall

Smeaton’s Pier In St Ives Cornwall – A Fascinating Place To Explore

Smeaton's Pier Is An Iconic Symbol Of St Ives. It Is A Working Pier Packed Full Of History And Is A Fascinating Place To Explore.

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Sea Glass Hunting St Ives Cornwall Seaglass Collecting

Sea Glass Hunting In St Ives Cornwall

Sea glass collecting in St Ives Cornwall is a fun, FREE activity that we all enjoy. Find out where are the best places to hunt for sea glass in St Ives.

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Knill's Monument Ceremony St Ives Cornwall

Knill’s Monument – An Obelisk With A Legacy & A View!

Knill's Monument sits high above St Ives overlooking the bay. It is a monument to John Knill and is where the Knill ceremony is held every 5 years.

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Barnoon Cemetery St Ives Cornwall

Barnoon Cemetery - A Place Of Rest With The Best View In Town!

Barnoon Cemetery In St Ives Cornwall Must Have The Best View Of Any Cemetery In The UK. Sitting Overlooking Porthmeor Beach, It Is A Really Stunning Place To Visit.

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The Open Top Bus From St Ives To Land's End

The Open Top Bus From St Ives To Land's End

Find Out About The Open Top Bus From St Ives To Land's End In Cornwall. It Runs From May To September And Makes A Wonderful Sightseeing Trip.

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How We Moved To St Ives Cornwall

Our St Ives Story – How We Made The Move To Live In St Ives Cornwall

Read About How We Made The Move To Live In St Ives Cornwall. From It Being Just A Pipe Dream To Making It Our Reality.

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Snow In St Ives Cornwall

The Day It Snowed In St Ives Cornwall

Snow Had Been Forecast But No One Really Believed In Would Really Snow In St Ives Cornwall. But It Did. Great Big Flakes That Settled. Schools Closed, Cars Were Abandoned And Everything Ground To A Halt.

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Car Parks Car Parking St Ives Cornwall

Car Parking In St Ives, Cornwall – It’s Not As Bad As You Think!

Need To Park Your Car In St Ives? Don't Panic, Car Parking In St Ives Cornwall Isn't Quite As Bad As You Think! Discover All The Car Parks, Costs & Locations Before You Get There.

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Porthmeor Studios St Ives Cornwall

Porthmeor Studios Children’s Art Project

Porthmeor Studios In St Ives Cornwall Hold Some Wonderful, Family Friendly Art Sessions. They Are Very Welcoming, Inspiring & Creatives Things To Do In St Ives Cornwall.

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