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Doble's Wall - Harts Ice Cream Or Pels Crepes?

Doble's Wall - Harts Ice Cream Or Pels Crepes?

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Doble's Wall - Harts Ice Cream Or Pels Crepes?

"Doble's Wall, Doble's Wall, there's no place in all the world like Doble's Wall"

John Barber was a Cornish Bard and poet who had a deep love for Cornwall which he expressed in verse and music. He wrote the song "Doble's Wall" after the very same wall in St Ives.

So Where Is Doble's Wall?

Doble's Wall is the wall in front of Pels. If you walk along The Wharf towards The Sloop Inn, you will see Pel's just before you get there.

Why Is It Called Doble's Wall?

We think the original building on the site of what is now Pel's was The Globe Inn. The wall was built in the mid/late 1800s by a Mr Doble who was the licensee of The Globe Inn. He built it to protect the inn from the sea, as it is partly below ground level.

It doesn't fully protect Pel's from Spring Tides in Winter today though as they often have to get the sand bags out!

Old photos show that Doble's Wall was in 2 sections and it looks longer than it is today.

Hart's Ice Cream

My mother-in-law says that St Ives isn't the same without Hart's Ice Cream. She used to sit on Doble's Wall eating a raspberry sundae in the sunshine.

Pel's Crepes

Pel's doesn't do ice cream sundaes, but you can get superb crepes from them. If it is ice cream you are after, try Moomaids which is 3 doors down, towards Fore Street. You won't be disappointed!

I've spent a good New Year's Eve in St Ives drinking some very delicious mulled wine from Pel's whilst sitting on Dobles Wall. Cheers!