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Kitty's Corner - Harbour Beach, St Ives

Kitty's Corner - Harbour Beach, St Ives

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Kitty's Corner - Harbour Beach, St Ives

Have you heard of Kitty's Corner? It is one of my favourite spots in St Ives. It is the stone ledge in front of the cottages that lead straight onto the harbour beach.

It is called Kitty's Corner after a lovely local lady who used to live the end cottage by the passage way down to the beach. She often used to sit out there on the stones with her most beautiful black cat.

According to my father in law, who met her several times, she was a lovely lady, really friendly and happy for both locals and visitors to chat to her.

She used to wash her steps and swill the water all over any poor person who got in her way! She used to collect sand from the beach for her cat's litter tray. She was also known to do her washing up in the sea!

Controversially for these days, Kitty used to feed the pigeons and seagulls bird seed every day.

Sadly, Kitty passed away in 2006, a local character who is missed but still remembered.

So if you are down on St Ives harbour beach, have a nice little wander over to the beautiful Kitty's Corner and remember who it was named after!