The St Ives Mermaid – Have You Ever Seen Her?

September 08, 2020

St Ives Mermaid Cornwall

There is nothing quite so wonderful as telling my children the St Ives Mermaid is coming for a visit. They get so incredibly excited, I just love the naivety and imagination of children.

When the time and tides are just right, the St Ives Mermaid comes to town. She is very modern in that she puts a message out on facebook. This starts the St Ives network rolling, and soon, everyone under the age of 11 can’t wait to spot her again in the sea.

She often lands on Porthminster Beach. This seems to be her favourite landing spot. A sure sign she is on her way are the crowds of children at the water’s edge.

St Ives Mermaid Crowds On Porthminster Beach

You can spot the flick of her bright blue tail near the rocks as she swim into shore.

St Ives Mermaid Landing On Porthminster Beach

Her helpers greet her at the beach and help her stay in the shallows. Young children can come up for photos and to chat to her, she is quite lovely!

Meeting The St Ives Mermaid

All too soon, she needs to be off. She can only stay out of the water for a short while and needs to swim back to the deep. She says goodbye to the awestruck children and re-lauches herself out into the deep. With a flick of her beautiful tail she is gone, until the next visit…

St Ives Mermaid Leaving With A Flick Of Her Tail

To find out when the St Ives Mermaid will next be visiting St Ives, click here...

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