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Notes From My St Ives Diary - March 2017 - Things I've Liked & Loved

Inspired by another blogger A Cornish Mum, I have decided look at the notes I made in my diary and write a post about all of the things I have liked and loved in St Ives this March. It is a brilliant way of remembering all we have enjoyed over the last month.


daffodils spring st ives cornwall

Daffodils are incredible down here in West Cornwall. None of your little patch here, a few there. There are fields and fields of them shining bright yellow and almost yelling "Spring Is Here". I really feel for the daffodil pickers though, wow that must be hard work. My favourite place to buy local daffodils is down on the slipway by The Sloop in St Ives.

Sunny Warm Days

spring has sprung fairy garden st ives cornwall

My Cornish piskie has been flying round the garden again. We have had the first days of really warm sun this month. The sort where you can actually peel off the layers and walk around in a t-shirt (or a fairy costume), at least for a little bit. We even have had lunch in the garden, which is so good for the soul. Long may this weather continue!

Days On The Beach

back on the beach spring st ives cornwall

We are back to our usual selves, spending (some might say far too much) time on the beach. Down in St Ives, the wind may be still blowing cold, but there are usually lots of warm, sheltered spots to be found on the beaches. If one beach is too windy and cold, move along until you find one that isn't. They all face different directions so there is usually one that is very warm - and one that is freezing cold! My top tip is to walk all the way to The Island side of Porthmeor Beach. It is usually much calmer and warmer there, tucked in by the cliffs or wall. You may well see us there - do say hello!

Swimming Lessons At The Garrack

garrack hotel swimming lessons st ives cornwall

My daughter has started taking swimming lessons with Jo at The Garrack. Up until now she has HATED getting water on her face (despite our best efforts to persuade her that nothing awful would happen). After ONE lesson with Jo she plunged her face into the water (with goggles on) and came up smiling "I can see the bottom of the pool". What a difference. Now we are over that pretty big hurdle we are hopeful that she will make great progress in learning how to swim properly. Being a good swimmer down here is so important. Thanks Jo!

Paradise Park

paradise park slide jungle gym st ives cornwall

Our saviour on a wet weekend down here is Paradise Park. It is a super mix of outside interest with all of the animals, feeding times and outside play areas (with the occasional dinosaur to keep my boy happy) plus the high energy, pretty noisy soft play arena called The Jungle Barn. On those truly awful weekends when the wind has been howling and the rain horizontal, it has saved our sanity, letting our kids burn off energy in there.

My Baby Boy Is 2 - Happy Birthday!

happy birthday from st ives cornwall

My baby boy is 2. I can't really believe it. Time has gone far too quickly and I can barely remember him being a baby. Does this happen with your 2nd/3rd/4th? I'm sure with my daughter it took at least 5 years for her to turn 2! Happy Birthday my beautiful, funny little boy. We love you so very much x His BEST present was a little bag of Plastic Fish. They have been everywhere with us - the beach, the bath and even Pizza Express!

Raw Chocolate Pie

raw chocolate pie st ives cornwall

I have found my weakness. It is Raw Chocolate Pie with Pink Himalayan Salt. Oh. My. Goodness. It is labelled as "The Food Of The Gods" and it really is. And NO I can't just eat one little bit, I can easily wolf down the whole bar. It is 3 bars for £5 and they call out to me from the fridge.  Eat me. I'm good for you. I'm dairy free and gluten free with no added sugar. I have no idea how many syns they would be on Slimming World. I think finding out might break the Slimming World app.

There is a Raw Chocolate Pie shop on Fore Street in St Ives. It is becoming my nemesis - I can't walk past it without going in for a few more bars. It's like catnip!

Una St Ives - What A Lovely Place

una st ives cafe march open day st ives cornwall

Una St Ives had an open day on the 18th March. I'd heard lots about Una but had never visited. It's a beautiful place - lovely grounds, building, a beautiful cafe, a fantastic outside play area for the kids, a blissful looking spa. And the most AMAZING looking swimming pool I've seen in a long time! I just wish I could afford the membership! Maybe one day...For now I will have to be content with visiting their super cafe!

Finding Out The Origins Of St Ives Street Names

virgin street st ives cornwall - st ives street name origins

I've spent a lot of time this month researching the origins of some of the St Ives street names. I love a bit of history and it was fascinating digging around archives, reading library books and gleaning lots of super interesting St Ives facts. I've found out all about the meaning and history behind The Digey, Virgin Street, Teetotal Street, Salubrious Terrace, Wheal Dream and Fish Street. Click on each street name to read all about their history and name origins (and buy a mug too if you like them!).

St Ives Library is such a great place to do research on the history and area. They have a HUGE range of books to borrow about St Ives that are fascinating to read.

Mother's Day

mother's day st ives cornwall

Thanks to my lovely lovely family, I had a very special Mother's Day. My daughter had been itching to give me her card and gift since Friday. She had made me the most wonderful card with homemade envelope, letter, heart and bookmark. The thought and effort she put into these was just beautiful. A big thanks also to my lovely husband who made the day really special and relaxing x

Bloomtown Botanicals

bloomtown botanicals gift st ives cornwall

Ok, I spend far too much time on facebook and enter any competition I see! I've never won anything...until now. I entered a competition held by Muddy Stilettos Cornwall (a most excellent Cornish blog - do have a read) and Bloomtown Botanicals (a company based in Helston). I WON - as me, not St Ives By The Sea! I received the most amazing collection of bath treats: The Rose Garden Sweet Almond & Shea Sugar Scrub, Pink Himalayan Salt Soak and Hand & Body Wash. They arrived in time for Mother's Day and I had the most relaxing, stunningly scent bath with them. My skin has never felt so soft Thank you Muddy Stilettos Cornwall and Bloomtown Botanicals x

Sunday Art Club At Porthmeor Studios

art class porthmeor studios st ives cornwall

My daughter has started going to a Sunday Art Club at Porthmeor Studios. This is an art club aimed at local children aged 6 - 12 years. They are held once a month from 10am - 12pm. This session was all about whales. They spent some time on Porthmeor Beach doing some beach art and then went back into the studio to work on their pictures. It is a lovely club that will hopefully help to inspire artists of the future. 

My Birthday!

It is my birthday on the 31st March. I'm not a great fan of my birthday, I'm a bit of a grump about it usually. However, having kids, living in Cornwall and being in general good health I should actually take the time to smile and be thankful for all the good things in my life! Just don't ask my age...

my birthday st ives cornwall



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