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by St Ives Muser

The Cornish Pasty Dream


There is a wonderful deli in Islington that gets "real" Cornish pasties shipped in from Cornwall. The pleasure of sinking your teeth into one of these delicious monsters is made all the greater simply by their provenance. The ridiculously romantic idea of them being crimped by a true Cornish bird (rosy cheeked and good natured of course) in air as clean as the Gwithian Westerlies is an image many of us are happy to pay more for.

The reality is probably far from that daft idyll. Made in a factory no doubt maybe by someone paid minimum wage and non too happy. Or, shock horror they could even be made in...Devon! However, us dreamy blow-aways are easily led through the glump of living in London by the merest hint of the Cornish dream. Let me be a part of it, if only in passing with a few crumbs.

Fancy a Cornish Pasty for lunch?

Oh yes please. But only if it fresh and hot from Philps or the St Ives Bakery. And only if I can eat it sitting on Porthmeor Beach. Just out of the wind by the wall, you know the spot. The bit where it is always warm.

It's best sitting on a chequered beach rug with a flask of good strong tea. With a little bag of tasty sweet treats for afters. Maybe some rocky road, or an impossibly huge meringue. It's out of season so the seagulls don't care.

The only noise is the background rush and roar of the sea crashing against the rocks. We are far away from work and worries and far far away from the sirens, noise, dirt and relentless hustle and bustle of this bench I'm sitting on in a park in London for my lunch break.

Ginsters and a can of coke it is then.

St Ives Muser
St Ives Muser


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