St Ives Churches Cornwall

Churches In St Ives Cornwall - Sunday Services, Bell Ringing & Mermaids

St Ives Has 6 Main Churches In Town With A Further 4 Close By. Find Out All About The Churches Including When The Services Are Held.

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Quay House St Ives Cornwall

Quay House - The St Ives House Everyone Dreams Of Living In!

Who Hasn't Dreamed Of Living In The Beautiful Big House On St Ives Harbour Beach? Find Out It's History, Some Quirks & Who Possibly Lives There Now.

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The Island St Ives Cornwall

The Island, St Ives - A Beautiful Place Full Of History & Wildlife

The Island Is A Lovely Place In St Ives Full Of History And Wildlife. It Is Also A Beautiful Place To Go For A Walk Or A Picnic Or Simply To Enjoy The Magnificent View!icnic.

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Kitty's Corner - Harbour Beach, St Ives

Kitty's Corner - Harbour Beach, St Ives

Have you heard of Kitty's Corner? It is one of my favourite spots in St Ives. It is the stone ledge in front of the cottages that lead straight onto the harbour beach.

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Godrevy Lighthouse St Ives Bay Cornwall

Godrevy Lighthouse - The Light Of St Ives Bay

Godrevy Lighthouse Sits At The Edge Of St Ives Bay Marking The Treacherous Stones Reef. It Is Visible From Most Parts Of St Ives And The Bay And It's Light Marks The Safe Passage For Shipping.

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Smeaton's Pier St Ives Cornwall

Smeaton’s Pier In St Ives Cornwall – A Fascinating Place To Explore

Smeaton's Pier Is An Iconic Symbol Of St Ives. It Is A Working Pier Packed Full Of History And Is A Fascinating Place To Explore.

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Knill's Monument Ceremony St Ives Cornwall

Knill’s Monument – An Obelisk With A Legacy & A View!

Knill's Monument sits high above St Ives overlooking the bay. It is a monument to John Knill and is where the Knill ceremony is held every 5 years.

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St Ives Library Cornwall

St Ives Library – A Wonderful Place Full Of Books, History & Art

St Ives Library is a lovely place that anyone can visit. It is mainly used by locals, but anyone visiting is welcome too.

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Barnoon Cemetery St Ives Cornwall

Barnoon Cemetery - A Place Of Rest With The Best View In Town!

Barnoon Cemetery In St Ives Cornwall Must Have The Best View Of Any Cemetery In The UK. Sitting Overlooking Porthmeor Beach, It Is A Really Stunning Place To Visit.

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