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St Ives Street Sign Mugs - The Collection Of 6 - The Digey, Virgin Street, Teetotal Street, Salubrious Terrace, Wheal Dream & Fish Street

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Treat yourself to all SIX St Ives street sign mugs (and save £££s)

Each lovely white ceramic mug depicts the real St Ives street sign, with all it's nobbles, gnarls and weathering.

The Digey

The Digey is the road running from the middle of Fore Street (the main shopping street in St Ives) to Porthmeor Beach. It is one of the main streets in the Downalong area of St Ives and is packed full of character and charm.

Virgin Street

Virgin Street is the little street running left uphill at the fork of The Digey and Fore Street. It is cobbled and charming and car free! It is part of the Downalong area of St Ives and is full of quaint little fishing cottages, quirky signs and mermaids!

Teetotal Street

Teetotal Street is a little road on the ladder of streets tucked away behind Back Road East on the way to The Island. Teetotal Street is named, as you might well have guessed, after the temperance movement who were vigorous campaigners for not drinking alcohol. This was very popular in parts of St Ives in the 1800s.

Salubrious Terrace

Salubrious Terrace is tucked away up Virgin Street, just off The Digey in the Downalong area of St Ives. At the end of Salubrious Terrace is Salubrious House which was built in 1812 for a sea captain. This little area must have been more well-to-do than the rest of Downalong.

Wheal Dream

Wheal Dream is the little road tucked away above Bamaluz Beach. If you walk all the way along the quay, turn left past the Pier Coffee Shop and walk up toward the St Ives Museum, you will find Wheal Dream. Wheal Dream is named after the Wheal Dream mine, which is now where the St Ives Museum stands.

Fish Street

Fish Street is the road that leads from the harbour, past the side of The Sloop, towards The Island and Back Road West. The houses were built with fish cellars underneath and have an outdoor staircase leading to the living space on the top floors.

Our St Ives Street Sign mugs come in lovely presentation gift boxes - they would make a beautiful gift for the St Ives lover in your life, or a fabulous addition to your kitchen!

If you would like a different ratio of mugs - for example 3 "The Digey" and 3 "Virgin Street" please do contact us. We are happy to mix and match the streets for you x

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