St Ives Street Sign Mug - Salubrious Terrace, St Ives Cornwall

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Drink to your good health & happiness from your Salubrious Terrace mug.

Salubrious Terrace is an amazing sounding street. The name of it always makes me smile!

Salubrious Terrace is tucked away up Virgin Street, just off The Digey in the Downalong area of St Ives. (Now that is one of the most wonderful sentences I've ever written - each name is so evocative of St Ives!)

Our lovely white ceramic mug shows the original "Salubrious Terrace" street sign, with all its little imperfections! As with most things in St Ives, they tend to get a little worn and weathered. We like to call it sea-salty character!

Why Is It Called Salubrious Terrace?

Salubrious, in terms of a place of residence means "pleasant, not too run down", although most of this area in the 1800s wouldn't have been the most salubrious place to live.

Most of the houses in the Downalong area were built for the fishing industry, with fish cellars and workings on the ground and lower floors, with residential occupation on the higher floors. Fish, rats, sewerage and rubbish would have been most unpleasant.

However, at the end of Salubrious Terrace is a very posh house called Salubrious House. It was built in 1812 for a ship's captain. Apparently, fishermen used to come to the garden each week to collect their money.

We don't know which came first, Salubrious Terrace or Salubrious House. What we do know is that it must have been known as a better or more "salubrious" area, as only the best would do for these flashy sea captains of the 1800s!

Interesting Fact

In the 1940s Salubrious House was known as a bit of a party house for the artistic community. Ben Nicholson lived next door and it was a popular place for late night parties. There are paintings of the view from Salubrious House by Ben Nicholson and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham.

Our Salubrious Terrace St Ives Street Sign mug comes in a lovely presentation gift box - it would make a wonderful present for someone - or a lovely treat for yourself!