St Ives Street Sign Mug - The Digey, St Ives Cornwall

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Sip your morning brew and daydream about being back in your favourite street in St Ives, waking up on the first day of your holiday.

Our lovely white ceramic mug shows the original "The Digey" street sign, with all its little imperfections! As with most of St Ives, things tend to get a little worn and "seasalted". We like to call it coastal character!

The Digey is the road running from the middle of Fore Street (the main shopping street in St Ives) to Porthmeor Beach. It is one of the main streets in the Downalong area of St Ives and is packed full of character and charm.

Nearly everyone (including myself) pronounces The Digey incorrectly to being with. Most people say The Diggy, which is guaranteed to get a few raised eyebrows from the locals.

It is pronounced Dye-Gee (dye to rhyme with eye and gee and in gee up horsey!).

So What On Earth Does The Digey Mean?

The name is thought to have originated from "The Dye House" or Dye Chy. This is because the old building on the corner of Fore Street and The Digey used to be a "Dye House" where fishing nets were "dyed" or "barked". Chy is the name for house in Cornish - you will see lots of houses called Chy (including my own!).

Another origin of the name could be from the word "dyji", which means "small cottage" in the Cornish language. There are indeed lots of small cottages along The Digey!

There are several other ideas going around of where The Digey name originated. Some say about it being related to a farm house and meadow - but I can't find anything that links this to the name.

What ever The Digey's meaning, it is such an evocative name that instantly conjures up images of St Ives and all it's character.

The Digey St Ives Street Sign mug comes in a lovely presentation gift box - it would make a wonderful present - or a lovely treat for yourself!