St Ives Jumbo Luggers

St Ives Jumbo Luggers

What Is A Jumbo Lugger?

They are the small, wooden sailing boats with 2 reddish brown sails. You might have seen them sailing in the bay.

It is boat unique to St Ives. There are other types of lugger but the Jumbo is specific to St Ives. It was specifically designed for the tricky St Ives inshore fishing during the 1880s. They are notoriously hard to sail, which is probably a big reason why they stopped being sailed.

In 2007, after much research, Jonny Nance launched a new Jumbo in the harbour - the first one to sail there for 100 years. He built this one himself. The idea behind it was to help to reinvigorate the harbour by replicating and learning to sail these iconic boats.

There is now a second Jumbo called William Paynter, and 2 punts (which are rowed in scully fashion using a single oar).

If you fancy sailing a Jumbo in St Ives you can become a member. It only costs £40 for the year and is open to absolutely everyone. No previous sailing experience is required.

For more information about the St Ives Jumbo luggers and to join as a member, please visit their website here >>




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