How To Play The Great St Ives Pasty Dash Game

How To Play The Great St Ives Pasty Dash Game

The Aim Of The Game

The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 6 CORNISH PASTIES. This may sound very simple, but you will be thwarted at every turn by seagulls and players who are out to steal your pasties!

Length Of Game Play

The game does vary in the length of time it takes to play. It is a game of pure chance, and so is dependent on the roll of the dice. On average though, it takes about half an hour for 2 people to play it. It has been much quicker, and it has been
a bit slower. Adding in players changes this too. How well you know St Ives can also affect the length of play. If you know where certain streets and places are, you will play quicker than someone who doesn’t know the town so well.

Set Up

Each player chooses a surfboard with a beach name on it. They put their surfboard on the same named beach and start their game play from there. When you collect Cornish Pasties you put them on your beach for the other players
to see.

The youngest player goes first and starts by rolling the dice and moving the corresponding number of spaces.

    Direction Of Play

    Players move CLOCKWISE around the outer part of the board.

    Play is ONE WAY down the center of the board  from the SLOOP INN pub to the CHURCH.
    You can choose which way to go from the SLOOP INN  (either right, along FORE STREET, or down towards HARBOUR BEACH).
    You cannot turn right at the CHURCH to go down the center of the board.

    If you land on CUSTOM HOUSE PASSAGE  you follow the arrow & slide down the path to FORE STREET (and then take a postcard).

    If you land on FORE STREET, you follow the arrow & slide down the path to THE DIGEY (and then take a postcard).

    Game Play - What To Do When You Land On A Space

    Spaces With A Seagull On

    If you land on a space with a seagull on (the spaces have a red outline) you need to roll the dice again.

    The Great St Ives Pasty Dash Game Instructions Seagulls

    If there are no pasties in play that can be lost, stolen or given, play moves on to the next player.

    Spaces With Instructions Written On

    If you land on a space with instructions on (the spaces have a yellow outline), you need to follow the instructions writtenon the space.

    WIN A PASTY = you win a pasty.
    ROLL ODDS/EVENS or A SIX to win a pasty = rolling the right number will win you a pasty.
    SWAP PASTIES TO THE LEFT = everyone has to swap their pasties with the player on their left.
    SAFE FROM SEAGULLS = your pasties can’t be stolen if another player lands on a space with a seagull on (see above).

    These spaces are shops, pubs, restaurants, art galleries, cafes, the church, surf school and lots of pasty shops.

    The 4 Corner Beaches

    If you land on another players beach and they have pasties, you can steal ONE pasty from them. If you land on a beach with no pasties (or your own beach), play just moves on to the next player.

    Spaces With No Instructions Or Seagulls On

    If you land on a space with no instructions or seagulls on, you need to take a postcard (the stack of cards) and follow the instructions written on the card. All of these spaces have a black outline.

    These spaces are mainly streets, but there is the odd museum and art gallery too.

    Lots of the postcards will move you to different spaces around the board. You need to move to the space, but you don’t follow the instructions or actions on the actual space, only do what is written on the card.

    For example:

    • if you are sent to Fore Street, you don’t slide to The Digey.
    • if you are sent to a SEAGULL SPACE you don’t roll the dice again.

    Car Park Miss A Go

    If you land on a car park space, you have to miss a go.

    For more information about all the places, events and things in the game, use the search form on the website.

    Contents Of The Game

    The game contains:

    1 x A2 size game mat.
    4 x Surfboards; Porthmeor, Porthgwidden, Harbour and Porthminster. These are handmade so will have slight variations.
    24 x little Cornish Pasties in a bag. Again, these are handmade and will have lots of variations (just like real pasties!)
    1 x Dice
    72 Postcards

    Age Advisory 14+ years

      This is a simple and fun game to play. However, there is reference to pubs and alcohol in it, so please bear this in mind if you are going to be playing it with all the family. In addition, the pasty pieces and counters are relatively small  (and tasty looking), so please keep all small parts away from children and their mouths!


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