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Us At St Ives By The Sea

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. If you love St Ives then you are in the right place. Our website is nothing but St Ives!

So who are we and what is this website all about?

Us In A Nutshell

We are a family (David and Miranda) who live in St Ives with 2 young children. We moved here in 2011 and have never looked back! We love St Ives and that is why we originally set up this website. We blog about all sorts of local places and events and post regularly on Instagram and Facebook (if you fancy following us).

St Ives By The Sea Children

During lockdown we invented a game called The Great St Ives Pasty Dash which we are really proud of. We have done all of the art work ourselves, written all the clue and fact cards (80 cards which took FOREVER!), and we make all the surfboards and Cornish pasties ourselves.

The Longer Version

St Ives By The Sea really began in 2011 when we had our first baby and moved here. For the next 5 years we thought about setting up a website, bringing together all the wonderful things that go on in and around St Ives. There are so many amazing things happening here that not many people know about. However, too many sleepless nights, a house renovation, and another baby put things on hold. We woke up on January 1st 2017 (after a very fun night dressed up as pirates in the harbour) and decided that this was the year we were finally going to do it. So here we are!

St Ives By The Sea started life as a blog. We blog about all sorts of things: from talking about our lovely beaches (did you know there are 8 of them?) to our favourite coffee shops; local baby and toddlers groups to big harbour days and festivals. We don’t claim to blog about everything (that would take a whole army of people to cover that), but we do get involved in as much as possible.

If you have an event, local business or interesting place you would like us to blog about please do get in touch, if we can help we will!

Once we started blogging, we decided to try our hand at Instagram. It turns out that you lovely people really like seeing pictures of St Ives on Insta! Depending on how busy we are, we post on Instagram at least a couple of times a week.


We also started up a page on Facebook where we try to share other St Ives-y people's posts, especially fun events and things to do.


St Ives During Lockdown

Like so many people, lockdown hit our normal business hard. On the one hand we were incredibly lucky to go through lockdown in St Ives (beaches, walks, streets with barely a person in sight!), but like so many we were stuck in a weird situation of juggling homeschooling and trying to keep a business running when everything around it seemed to be destined to drag it under.

So what do you do when you have very little time? Learn something new of course!

We taught ourselves a zillion new illustrator skills, printing skills, design skills, craft skills, website skills. Our nights were spent watching clever people on YouTube (is there nothing you can't learn on there?), our days in between everything else were spent testing and making. And so gradually our ideas began to take shape. We'd had the idea for a game involving St Ives several years ago, but hadn't done anything about it. Now it started to evolve from the chaos of our lockdown!

So roll on to August 2021. The game is almost ready to be let loose on the public. We are beyond excited, but also terribly terribly nervous!

It is a good game, even if we say it ourselves. It is funny, annoying (especially when your other half steals ALL of your Cornish Pasties and laughs about it), interesting (if you like St Ives) and so bright and colourful. We hope it will bring you lots of joy and a few rays of St Ives sunshine into your home.

St Ives Seagull

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Buy The Great St Ives Pasty Dash Game