Our Story

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. We hope you find something on our website to inspire you in your visit to St Ives Cornwall.

We love St Ives and that is why we set up this website. We blog about all sorts of local places and events, we have a fabulous What’s On calendar and we sell lots of lovely St Ives gifts and homewares.

What St Ives By The Sea Is All About.

St Ives By The Sea really began in 2011 when we had our first baby and moved here. For the next 5 years we dreamed about setting up a website, bringing together all the wonderful things that go on in and around St Ives. There are so many amazing things happening that not many people know about. However, too many sleepless nights and another baby put things on hold. We woke up on January 1st 2017 (after a very fun night dressed up as pirates in the harbour) and decided that this was the year we were finally going to do it. So here we are!

St Ives By The Sea is firstly a blog. We blog about all sorts of things: from talking about our lovely beaches (did you know there are 8 of them?) to my favourite coffee shops; local baby and toddlers groups to big harbour days and festivals. We don’t claim to blog about everything (that would take a whole army of people to cover that), but we do get involved in as much as possible. If you have an event, local business or interesting place you would like us to blog about please do get in touch!

St Ives By The Sea has a really good What’s On calendar. We include far more events in the local area than the usual tourist information sites. Anything we hear about we put on – so if you have a local event (by local we will add anything within a 30 min drive away from St Ives) get in touch with us and let us know all about it. It is all free and we will help you to spread the word about your event.

St Ives By The Sea also has a little online shop. We produce gifts and homewares that we would like to own ourselves. From lovely mugs and coffee cups with genuine St Ives street signs on, to gorgeous St Ives names tea towels. We are constantly adding more interesting things, so do have a look from time to time to see what we are making!

If you would like to get in touch with us for anything St Ives related, please either message us on facebook or email us at www.stivesbythesea.co.uk. We are very friendly and would love to hear from you x