10 Best Places To Buy A Proper Cornish Pasty In St Ives Cornwall

January 24, 2019

Best Places To Buy Cornish Pasties In St Ives Cornwall

10 Best Places To Buy A Proper Cornish Pasty In St Ives Cornwall

A freshly baked Cornish pasty straight from the oven is an utter delight. Especially if you find a nice spot in the sunshine, away from the seagulls on the beach.

What Makes A Pasty Cornish?

Cornish pasty recipes round here are handed down from generation to generation. They differ in lots of ways - seasoning and vegetables are the main points on contension.

To be classed as a proper Cornish pasty though your pasty has to contain the following

  • diced or minced beef
  • chopped potato, it can be sliced or diced
  • swede (also known as turnip)
  • onion (must be white)
  • seasoning (usually just salt and pepper)
  • shortcrust or puff pastry
  • glazed with egg or milk to give it colour.

All the ingredients must be assembled uncooked - no frying off of the meat and onion.

The pasty must be crimped down one side and the shape should form a capital letter D. If you crimp it on top, it is the Devon way.

A Bit Of Cornish Pasty History

Cornish pasties were made for the tin miners to take down the mines with them. The pastry had to be tough enough to withstand bashing about and the thick pastry kept the meat warm. The crimped side was believed to be used as the handle - not to be eaten. It is believed that some miners took a half and half pasty - half meat and half jam or fruit.

A Bit Of Cornish Pasty Future

There has been a bit of a furore about people calling their pasties Cornish when they are not made from the right ingredients. The biggest hoo ha recently has been about vegan pasties. It is brilliant that there are pasties for all - but if they are not made with beef in the proper way they are just pasties! You can buy some cracking flavoured pasties down here - I love the lamb and mint and some of the veggie ones. But they can't be called Cornish pasties.

Best Places In St Ives To Buy A Cornish Pasty

Everyone has there favourites but here are my top places to buy Cornish Pasties in St Ives.

1. St Ives Bakery

St Ives Bakery is where we usually buy our Cornish pasties from. The shop in is on the corner of Fore Street and The Digey, opposite Cath Kidston. Their pasties are always freshly baked, succulent and packed with flavour. We also like to buy bread, meringues and rocky road whilst we are there! More info >>

2. Ferrells

Ferrells is a favourite of lots of locals. They are on the corner of Fore Street and Bunkers Hill. They do lovely, chunky Cornish pasties. More info >>

3. Yellow Canary

Yellow Canary is also on Fore Street, near The Castle Inn. It only opens in season, but when it does open they do delicious pasties. They also sell excellent sandwiches and cream teas. More info >>

4. The Cornish Bakery

The Cornish Bakery is another bakery on Fore Street. They sell lovely Cornish pasties, French pastries, speciality breads and good coffee. More info >>

5. Warren's Bakery

Warren's are the oldest pasty makers in the world. They have a shop on Tregenna Hill and one on Wharf Road. They do a great range of pasties, baked goods and sandwiches. More info >>

6. Pengenna Pasties

Pengenna Pasties is on the High Street in St Ives. They are a bit tucked away and so are often overlooked. They don't technically sell "Cornish" pasties as the crimping is on the top. But they certainly taste like Cornish pasties and are proper big and good too! More info >>

7. Cornish Bakehouse

The Cornish Bakehouse has 3 outlets in St Ives - one on Fore Street and two on the habour. They do a good range of Cornish Pasties, sausage rolls and baked goods like doughnuts and yum yums. They also do nice lunchtime baguettes and jacket potatoes. More info >>

Okay, these ones aren't in St Ives but I have to also recommend...

8. Philps

Philps was the first really great Cornish pasty I ever ate. We used to come down to Hayle and St Ives on holiday before we moved here. Eating a Philps pasty on Gwithian Beach is one of life's greatest pleasures! More info >>

9. Hampsons

My Dad lives in Hayle and thinks Hampsons are the best for Cornish Pasties. He says they taste far more meaty than any of the others. He likes that they don't have too much pepper in them. They are also a local butcher. More info >>

10. Lucy Bakes

Lucy Bakes is a new baker on the scene in Hayle. She is a small, independent baker who works from Foundry Farm. She is a favourite amongst the Hayle Facebook groups who all recommend her! More info >>

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