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The Great St Ives Pasty Dash Game

The Great St Ives Pasty Dash Game

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Are You Missing St Ives? Let Us Bring St Ives To You...

Play our fun, frenzied, quirky game, filled with everything you know and love about St Ives. From mermaids to lifeboats, beaches to lighthouses. Dash through town, passing all the fabulous landmarks, shops, pubs and cafes. Celebrate all the traditions and quirks that makes St Ives such a unique and special place. But make sure you mind those pesky seagulls!

  • A fun filled game for 2-4 players
  • Includes: A2 sized game mat, 4 mini surfboards, 24 little Cornish pasties (not real ones!), 80 postcards with St Ives facts, events and curious information, a dice and instructions.
  • The game comes in a strong, A4 sized box. Please note that the colour of the box is now white. We thought this made the artwork on the front look lovely!
  • The game mat is made from 300gsm (thick and strong) card that has been gloss coated and laminated. It is strong, cannot be torn and wipeable if you spill on it. Please do note that it is not a conventional board (as in the type you get for Monopoly).
  • The 4 mini surfboards are made of wood and so have variations and grain in them. We hand paint them (in lovely bright colours) on one side, and hand print the names of the 4 main beaches on them (Porthmeor, Porthminster, Porthgwidden and Harbour). They each come with a little wooden stand to hold them upright.
  • The Cornish Pasties are made from polymer clay and each one is handmade, coloured and varnished. They are approximately 1.5cm in length and are hardwearing...but not edible!
  • The postcards are 8.5 x 5.5 cm in size and are made of 250gsm gloss coated card. They are bright and beautiful with lots of interesting facts and information on them.
  • This is a game of pure chance, no skill required.
  • Game play takes on average 30-40 mins, but this does vary, depending on how lucky or unlucky you are!
  • Knowledge of St Ives is not required, but is always helpful in finding the different places!
  • Designed and made by us right here in St Ives, Cornwall. We also post all of the games from St Ives too.

This is not a standard, mass-produced board game. We make each element individually and design all the artwork ourselves. We really hope you love the game, with all it's quirks and handmade details.

What Is In The Box?

About The Game

The Great St Ives Pasty Dash is a game for 2-4 players. You each choose a beach to start from (Porthmeor, Porthgwidden, Harbour or Porthminster Beach).

Roll the dice and move around town, landing on different squares. Collect pasties from the pasty shops and cafes. Choose postcards that give lots of different information about St Ives and will take you to places you know, and others you might not know!

The Aim Of The Game

The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 6 Cornish pasties. You collect pasties by landing on Pasty Shops, rolling the dice to win, or by stealing other people's pasties. This might sound simple, but you are thwarted at every turn by pasty stealing seagulls, pasty penalties and cheeky players!

Note: small pieces are used (the Cornish Pasties) and pubs are mentioned, so it might not be age appropriate for some children.

Handmade In St Ives!

Lots of elements of the game are handmade from our home in St Ives. Please do note that this is not a mass-produced game and is not made like a traditional board game.

The Surfboards

We paint the surfboards by hand using acrylic paints (these produce the vibrant colours). We give them at least 2 coats of paint (if there are gnarly bits in the wood we sometimes give them 3 coats). Once dry we print the names of the beaches onto them and add the little stand to turn them into a useable game piece.

Painting Surfboards For The Game

The Cornish Pasties

We make the Cornish Pasties from polymer clay. We mould the clay into the pasty shapes and colour them individually. They are baked in the oven. Once they are cool we varnish them twice, so they take 3 days in total to fully dry and harden. It's quite a time-consuming process, made more manageable by a good cup of tea and some music playing in the background!

Making The Cornish Pasties For The Game


We charge £3.50 postage on all UK orders. The game is pretty big, so it does cost a fair bit to post it out to you.

We post all orders out within 3 working days of you ordering. We send everything by 1st class Royal Mail from St Ives, which normally arrives within 1-2 working days. The parcel is quite large & won't fit through your letterbox if you are out. If you haven't received your game in good time, please contact us and I will get Royal Mail to check at your local depot.

If you are in St Ives and would prefer to pick it up from us, please enter the code STIVESLOCALPICKUP which will give you free postage. You can then arrange a time to come to our house to pick it up. Please email us ( to arrange a time.

Game Instructions

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