7 Delicious Places To Get Fish & Chips In St Ives Cornwall

September 08, 2020

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall

7 Delicious Places To Have Proper Fish & Chips In St Ives Cornwall

There is nothing quite so delicious as fish & chips by the sea. When you are down here in St Ives Cornwall, check out these delcious places to have fish & chips!

1. The Balancing Eel

The Balancing Eel is tucked up near The Sloop car park in the harbour, between The Wharf Post Office and Moomaids Ice Cream Parlour.

They do takeaways downstairs and a sit in restaurant upstairs.

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - The Balancing Eel

2. Becks Fish & Chips

Becks in Carbis Bay is a bit of an institution. Get these early on a weekend and be prepared to queue. Their fish and chips are legendary and people come far and wide for them.

They have a take away and a sit in restaurant. Their portion sizes are HUGE!

Takeaway large cod & large chips is £7.20. To eat it in the restaurant is£9.80

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - Becks

3. Pedn Olva Hotel

You can’t beat Pedn Olva for it’s restaurant views. You can sit out upstairs on the terrace, or sit inside in their very delightful restaurant. If you are lucky enough to get a table by the full length windows be prepared to just sit there are gaze!

They do a cracking fish and chips at Pedn Olva – highly recommended, super delicious with lovely tartare sauce!

Their beer battered cod and chips cost £13.50

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - Pedn Olva

4. Porthminster Beach Cafe

Porthminster Beach Cafe do gorgeous fish and chips on their lunchtime menu (as well as the most tasty crispy fried squid on the planet!).

It is a tad more expensive at £15.95, but the setting makes it worth it!

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - Porthminster Beach Cafe

5. Harbour Fish & Chips

Harbour Fish & Chips is right on the harbour in St Ives, down by the Lifeboat end.

It is both a takeaway and a sit in restaurant, with lovely views onto the harbour. It is a great place to see the lifeboat launch!

Takeaway cod and large chips costs £7.55. To have it in the restaurant is £8.50.

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - Harbour Fish & Chips

6. The Seafood Cafe

The Seafood Cafe is a real treat. It is a very classy establishment on Fore Street in St Ives. We only go there on very special occasions as we always feel the need to dress nicely when we eat there!

Beer battered fish and chipswith tartare sauce and mushy peas is £8.95

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - The Seafood Cafe

7. Sharky’s Takeaway

No list of places to eat fish & chips in St Ives would be complete without Sharky’s!

Sharky’s is the BEST takeaway fish & chip shop on the Penbeagle Industrial estate at the back of St Ives.

Glamorous it isn’t, tasty it REALLY is. This is where we buy our fish & chip takeaway from on a Friday evening. Their portions are huge, the fish is so fresh and it is proper tasty!

Best Fish And Chips St Ives Cornwall - Sharkys

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