Kayaking In St Ives Cornwall

Kayaking In St Ives

Kayaking in St Ives is an unforgettable adventure amid stunning coastal scenery and crystal-clear waters.

Paddlers can explore the picturesque harbour, navigate around the coastline and venture into secluded coves.

The calm, sheltered waters of St Ives Bay are ideal for beginners, while more experienced kayakers can challenge themselves with routes along the rugged coastline.

Wildlife Spotting

Wildlife enthusiasts might spot seals, dolphins, and a variety of seabirds, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

With its mix of tranquil waters and dramatic landscapes, kayaking in St Ives provides a unique and immersive way to connect with the natural beauty of Cornwall.

Where To Launch Your Kayak

You can launch your kayak from any beach or the harbour if you have your own equipment.

Equipment Hire

If you don't have your own gear, you can hire kayaks from the harbour or Porthminster Beach.

Guided Kayaking Tours

St Ives Surf School do guided kayak tours from Porthminster Beach which are brilliant to do (I did this a few years back and it was super enjoyable!).

Kayaking Further Afield

Mounts Bay is another great place for kayaking and there are several places there to hire kayaks such as Ocean High and The Hoxton Special.

Staying Safe

Paddlers should always wear a well-fitted life jacket and check the weather and sea conditions before setting out, as the coastal environment can be unpredictable.

It's advisable to carry a waterproof map, a mobile phone in a dry bag, and inform someone of your planned route and expected return time.

Kayakers should be aware of tidal changes and currents, particularly around rocky areas and in St Ives harbour.

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