Shopping In St Ives Cornwall

Shopping In St Ives - Where Are The Best Places?

For such a small town St Ives has a huge range of shops to choose from. As well as some big brands, there are lots of independent shops too. These tend to be tucked away, so do explore as they are worth seeking out.

1. Fore Street


Fore Street is the main shopping street in St Ives. There is a wonderful mix of shops, from delis, bakeries, independent shops and bigger brands, such as Seasalt and Fat Face.

Some Of The Shops On Fore Street

Gullz R Loud
The Wharf Post Office
The Shell Shop
The Craft Tree
St Ives Co (who also have a shop on Wharf Road)
Cream Cornwall
Atlantic Shore Knitwear
The Painted Bird
The St Ives Bookseller
Wind an Sea
Leddra Chemist
St Ives Leather Craft

Shops On Fore Street St Ives Cornwall

2. Market Place


I love the shops on Market Place and High Street. They are so vibrant & unique. The building used to be the local court house and jail!

Some Of The Shops In Market Place

Jo Downs Glass
Kirsty Bridgewater
Blue Bramble Gallery
Ruff Life
Atlantic Blankets
Jam Industries

Shops In Market Place St Ives Cornwall

3. High Street


The High Street in St Ives is really coming back to life. More interesting shops and cafes are springing up, making it more of a place to stop.

Some Of The Shops On The High Street

Newlyn Maids
Off The Beaten Track
Boots (the chemist)
Tiki Surf (this has taken over the old Edinburgh Wool Mill shop)
Weird Fish

4. St Andrew's St


St Andrew's St is a great place to wander down and shop. To get there you turn right at the parish church and walk down the little road. There are some lovely shops to discover - my kids LOVE EmGems and often spend their pocket money in there.

Some Of The Shops On St Andrews St

The Corner Shop (formerly Fabulous)
Moomaids - they have a shop inside as well as selling ice cream.

Turn up onto Street-an-Pol where you will find the amazing Makers bakery - I bet you can't resist their cakes! Also in The Guildhall on a Thursday is the St Ives Farmers' Market.

5. Royal Square


Royal Square is often overlooked as it is often so busy with traffic and buses. However, there are some great shops here, notably Colensos which is a brilliant hardware shop.

Some Of The Shops In Royal Square

The Floral Shop
Mirror Image
St Ives Library shop - they sell all sorts of lovely things INCLUDING our game, The Great St Ives Pasty Dash!

Royal Square Shopping St Ives Cornwall

6. The Drill Hall


The Drill Hall is located just off Royal Square and is a great place to shop. They have lots of independent shops, including a superb toy shop, chocolate shop and Art Cafe.

Some Of The Shops In The Drill Hall

Cornwalls Chocolate Cove
Tumbled Vintage
Bits and Bobs
Space Oddities record store

and the lovely Cafe Art.

The Drill Hall Shopping St Ives Cornwall

7. Chapel Street


Chapel Street in St Ives often gets overlooked as it is a little dominated by the 3 Ferrets pub and the takeaways. However, it does have some lovely shops there too.

Some Of The Shops On Chapel Street

Attic Cellar Emporium
The Metta Centre
R & J (which is on the corner)

Turn left at the end of Chapel Street up onto Bedford Road. There are a couple of little shops there too, worth a browse.

8. Tregenna Place and Tregenna Hill


Walk up Tregenna and you will find a lovely array of independent shops. From chocolate shops to bookshops, sweet shops and barbers. There is also the very useful Osbornes.

Some Of The Shops On Tregenna

Lilac and Lime
Stories By The Sea
Harvey Brothers Butchers
I Should Coco
Freddies Sweets
Sea St Ives Gift Shop

Carry on walking up Tregenna Hill and you will reach a parade of shops along the top which are blossoming into life.

9. Court Arcade


Court Arcade on Wharf Road is a lovely little shopping arcade.

Some Of The Shops In Court Arcade

Hager Vor
Yallah Coffee

Court Arcade Shopping St Ives Cornwall

10. Wharf Road


Some Of The Shops On Wharf Road

St Ives Gifts and Goodies
St Ives Co
Lower Deck
Cornish Soap Box
Fat Willys (who hasn't bought a sweatshirt?)
Fishermans Co-op (on The Wharf)

Turn left up past The Sloop Inn on Fish Street and you will find more lovely shops there that are really worth visiting.

Shops On Wharf Road St Ives Cornwall

11. The Sloop Studios


The Sloop Studios are tucked away behind the Sloop Inn and Car Park. There are lots of studios inside where artists and makers work and sell directly to the public.

Some Of The Shops In The Sloop Studios

Pick Pretty Paints

Sloop Studios Shopping In St Ives Cornwall

12. Cyril Noall Square


Cyril Noall Square is a beautiful little square just off Fore Street. It is tiny but crammed with some gorgeous shops, makers and a little cafe too.

Some Of The Shops In Cyril Noall Square

St Ives Glass Studio
Rocks N Stuff

There is also the more gorgeous pink tea shop there called Courtyard Tea Rooms.

Cyril Noall Square Shops St Ives Cornwall

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