St Ives Launderette Mural Sketch86

The Two Stunning Murals In St Ives Cornwall

The St Ives Murals

If you have come in and out St Ives down The Stennack you probably will have noticed the 2 huge murals. They are so impressive and eye catching.


The one on the side of the laundrette (left if you are looking into the car park) is the oldest one. It is by the freehand aerosol artist called Sketch86. It depicts a man, a woman and a little dog in fishing boat SS226. If you look closer there are many wonderful Cornish details in there too. There is the Cornish St Piran's flag, lobster pots, the harbour and an engine house (tin mine).

Joe Greenaway and Callum Trudgeon

In May 2021 a new mural was painted on the opposite wall (on the right it you are facing into the car park). It is by the artist Joe Greenaway and is of the local potter Callum Trudgeon, who is a very successful local potter at the Leach pottery.

Map Showing Where The St Ives Murals Are In Town

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St Ives Seagull

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