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Tate St Ives - Modern Art, Beautiful Views & Family Friendly Fun

The Tate St Ives sits overlooking Porthmeor Beach in St Ives. It is a cultural gem that celebrates the intersection of art and nature.

Housed in a stunning modernist building (was the old gas works), this branch of the renowned Tate galleries showcases an eclectic collection of modern and contemporary art, with a particular emphasis on works inspired by the Cornish landscape.

The exhibits are ever changing and so please always check the Tate St Ives website to see what is on at the time you wish to visit.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Building
Tate St Ives Cornwall Notice Board

In the entrance is a huge stained glass window designed by Patrick Heron.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Patrick Heron Stained Glass Window

Tate St Ives Tickets

Tickets can be purchased inside at the admissions desk or online.

Admission is £12.00 for adults and there is no booking fee if you book online. Occasionally this ticket prices will be reduced if there are galleries closed.

Entry is free is under 18s.

You can join as a member which starts at £72 per year. This gives you free entry to the Tate (and I think the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Scupture Gardens but I'll have to double check that!)

Locals can buy a pass for £10 which gives you access all year. You need to show proof of a local address. This gives you access to both Tate St Ives and the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Gardens.

Tate St Ives Opening Times

March - October the Tate is open daily, 10am till 5:20pm.

November - February the Tate is open Tues - Sunday, 10am till 4:20pm.

Tate St Ives Views

The Tate St Ives sits overlooking Porthmeor Beach. In the main gallery there is a huge window which looks over the beach and is possibly the best work of art in there!

Tate St Ives Cornwall View Over The Beach

We also love the window view too which looks just like a picture!

Tate St Ives Cornwall Window View

Alfred Wallis At Tate St Ives

Alfred Wallis lived most of his life in St Ives working as a mariner and fisherman. At the age of 70 (when his wife died) he took up painting. He was a self-taught artist and captured scenes of the Cornish coastline. He often used household paint and cardboard - whatever he had lying around.

His distinctive style, characterized by bold colours, flattened perspectives, and an almost childlike naivety caught the attention of the St Ives artistic community.

However, it was only after his death that he work became truely appreciated.

Several Alfred Wallis works hang in the Tate St Ives. He is studied in the local primary schools and it is a bit of a rite of passage for a St Ives school kid to visit the Tate St Ives and draw themselves an Alfred Wallis!

Click here to read more about Alfred Wallis >>

Tate St Ives Cornwall Alfred Wallis
Tate St Ives Cornwall Enjoying The Art

Patrick Heron

Patrick Heron was a key member of the St Ives School of artists. He played a pivotal role in shaping the town's artistic identity during the mid 20th century.

His innovative approach to colour and form can be seen in the works hanging in the Tate St Ives.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Patrick Heron


Tate St Ives has a Picasso on display! It is called Head Of A Woman and was created in 1924.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Picasso

Looking Through The Galleries

If you stand at one end of the galleries you can see through all the doors. I love this effect!

Tate St Ives Cornwall Through The Galleries

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth is one of the most significant sculptors of the 20th century. She found both inspiration and sanctuary in St Ives. She moved to the area in 1939 to escape the turmoil of WWII and she established a studio and garden in the town.

Click here to read more about Barbara Hepworth in St Ives >>

The rugged beauty of the Cornish landscape can be seen in her iconic scultpures.

We were lucky enough to see the amazing Barbara Hepworth exhibition which was in the big new exhibition room at the back of the Tate St Ives.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Barbara Hepworth

Tate St Ives Families

The Tate St Ives puts of lots of things for families, especially during the school holidays. Look out for things being advertised on their website and social media.

We have been to lots of these and have really enjoyed them. One of the best was making art on Porthmeor Beach!

Tate St Ives Cornwall Families
Tate St Ives Cornwall Children
Tate St Ives Cornwall Art On The Beach

Large Scale Works

The main gallery which overlooking Porthmeor Beach allows for large scale works of art to be displayed and viewed. This amazing installation by Sol LeWitt was one of our favourites - we were disappointed to see it go!

Tate St Ives Cornwall Sol LeWitt

Tate St Ives Cafe

It could be argued that the Tate St Ives cafe has the best views in town. The windows overlook the town and the beach and they do a great cuppa too!

You can just visit the cafe without having to pay the entrance fee to the gallery.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Cafe

Tate St Ives Shop

This is a great shop for gifts. They have a good kids section so if you are bringing the family prepare to be fleeced! I can't tell you the amount of Tate St Ives rubbers, pencils and notepads we have.

Tate St Ives Cornwall Shop

Some Useful Information When Visiting Tate St Ives

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome. Drinking bowls are available for your dog - please ask a member of staff.

No designated museum parking. The closest car park is either Porthmeor Short Stay car park, or Barnoon Long Stay car park.

There is one parking bay for blue badge holders in Barnoon car park (free). You need to book your ticket and the space at the same time. Call 01736 791177 to organise this.

Click here to visit the Tate St Ives website >>

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