The Baulking House - Huers Hut - St Ives

The Baulking House - Huers Hut - St Ives

The Baulking House on Hain Walk in St Ives is quite an interesting piece of St Ives history.

It is often called the huer's hut as this is where the huer worked.

A huer was a person who stood on a prominent lookout on the cliffs, looking for the telltale shine of a pilchard shoal. They would cry out loud enough for the boats to hear in the bay, and help direct the fishermen to the fish.

The Huer's Hut or Baulking House is where the lookout would wait - it obviously has one of the best views of the bay in town!

The plaque on the wall of the Baulking House is one of the 6 Festival Of Britain plaques found in St Ives. They were made in 1951 at the Leach Pottery as part of the celebrations.

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