Green Door Of St Ives Cornwall

Have You Found The Famous Green Door Of St Ives Cornwall?

Where Is The Green Door Of St Ives

The Green Door in St Ives is tucked away behind the St Ives Bakery on the corner of The Digey and Virgin Street. It is part of number 1 Virgin Street which is the property leading up the cobbles. The owners also own the St Ives Bakery.

The Date Of The Green Door Of St Ives

Carved into the frame is the date 1802. We believe this to be the date of the door - but we cannot confirm if this is true!

Money Can't Buy You...A Green Door In St Ives

The Green Door itself is actually listed. Several years back, the owners were offered an undisclosed amount of money from the Tate St Ives for them to buy the Green Door. That is how famous it is! The owners declined, saying where would they get another 200 year old door from to replace it. And then got it listed so it can't be painted or changed too much.

The Railings

The railings were erected by the owners as some, not so nice people, saw the battered door and presumed it was part of a derelict property. The owners have no problem with people moving the railings when they are open to take photos. But if they are locked please don't get annoyed.

What Is Behing The Green Door of St Ives?

Apparently the door no longer opens and there is a piano behind it. It is the living room of 1 Virgin Street. The house is still lived in (not a holiday rental).

Spoiler Alert!! Map Showing The Location Of The Green Door In St Ives

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