The River Stennack and Consols Pond

The River Stennack and Consols Pond

The River Stennack

Did you ever wonder why The Stennack (as in the road) is called The Stennack? It is named after the river Stennack which runs through town.

River Stennack St Ives Cornwall

Stennack Meaning

The word Stennack in Cornish means "place of tin" and the river is named after all of the tin in the area.

River Stennack St Ives Cornwall

The Great Flood

As you can imagine, having a river running down through the town can cause problems. In 1894 the river flooded and caused huge amounts of damage. It took 100s of men to clear the  river and build new adits to divert the water.

Slum Clearances

The river used to be completely open and was quite a health hazard due to it being used as an open drain. As part of the slum clearances (see Pudding Bag Lane) the Stennack river was eventually altered so hopefully wouldn't flood or cause health problems again.

It runs down the left hand side of Higher Stennack and crosses under the road to run down the right hand side closer into town. It runs underground in sections, especially lower down in town.

River Stennack St Ives Cornwall

It comes out into the sea at Lambeth Walk in town, behind the RNLI station.

River Stennack St Ives Cornwall

Consols Pond

Consols Pond sits at the very top of Higher Stennack, behind the round house at the junction to Hayle and Zennor.

The Roundhouse St Ives Cornwall
Consols Junction St Ives Cornwall

It was originally an engine pool which would have been part of the mine workings at Consols. There were sluice gates which could be opened and closed, releasing the water into the river Stennack.

Consols Pond St Ives Cornwall

Consols Mine

Consols mine produced copper and tin ore and was developed in the 1820s and 30s by John Halse (who Halsetown is named after). The mine was a very productive one and closed in 1915 during the WW1.

Mine Shafts

In 2018 one of the old mine shafts opened up on Garth-An-Creet which was part of the old workings from the Consols mine. This is why when you buy a house in St Ives you need to get a mining survey done!

Good Friday Boating On Consols Pond

On Good Friday people gather at Consols Pond to sail model boats.

Consols Pond Jetty St Ives Cornwall

The tradition of sailing model boats in St Ives on Good Friday goes way back. Originally people sailed miniature boats into the sea as a sort of offering to appease the weather gods. There used to be a large sea pool in the harbour called Cock Bank Pool which was originally used. However, shifting sands and construction work in the harbour led to people going up the hill to use the engine pools instead.

Consols Pond St Ives Cornwall

This age old tradition was almost lost, but has recently been revived. Now it is a well attended event where people go and sail their model sailing boats and yachts. There is a competition but you don't need to compete. The local chapel close by also opens its door and provides refreshments.

Consols Pond St Ives Cornwall
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