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Books Set In Cornwall: Intensive Care By Debby Fowler

Books Set In Cornwall: Intensive Care By Debby Fowler

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Books Set In Cornwall: Intensive Care By Debby Fowler

I’m an avid book reader, I just love a good book to become engrossed in. They get bonus points if they are set in Cornwall – even better if they are set in St Ives!

Intensive Care by Debby Fowler was a really good read. I read it over 2 evenings and it was one of those books that you don’t really want to put down. The characters are very human and believable – I felt very caught up in their lives and the story.

The main story line is about a woman called Felicity Paradise who has moved to St Ives from Oxford following the death of her husband. She keeps on seeing a young boy who she thinks she recognises. The story line takes her back to her old life in Oxford, a tragic accident, some very troubled lives. And her own daughter Mel, who has her own demons to fight.

Places In The Book You Might Recognise…

  • A cottage in Downalong
  • St Ives Harbour
  • The Sloop Inn
  • St Ives to Zennor coast path
  • The Fal Estuary
  • Truro
  • Fore Street, St Ives
  • Clodgy Point
  • Porthminster Beach & Cafe
  • Tinner’s Arms in Zennor
  • Zennor village

The story moves on at a fast face and has many twists and turns. Although the main story line is quite dark and sad, the way Debby Fowler writes about St Ives still makes the place glisten and come to life.

Intensive Care is the second one in the Felicity Paradise series. I hadn’t read the first in the series (called Letting Go) before I read this one. Although there were references to situations that I think must have been expanded upon in Letting Go, it didn’t make Intensive Care tricky to follow. It stands alone as a story in it’s own right.

If you like detective crime novels and love St Ives, I highly recommend you read this book!

I got my copy of Intensive Care by Debby Fowler from the lovely St Ives Library. You can also buy it here from Amazon (this is an affiliate link of which I would get a few pennies).