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Ice Cream Shops In St Ives - What's Your Flavour?

Ice Cream Shops In St Ives - What's Your Flavour?

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Ice Cream Shops In St Ives - What's Your Flavour?

It is always a trepidatious affair, eating an ice cream in St Ives. For one thing there are so many places to choose from. And then there are the seagulls to contend with!

My Favourite Places To Buy Ice Cream In St Ives...

Moomaids Of Zennor

You can't really get more local than this. Cows raised 5 miles up the road on a farm in Zennor. They produce the creamiest of Cornish milk which is churned into the most devine ice cream in town. We love Moomaids because you can eat your icecream in the shop, or on their little balcony overlooking the harbour.

In the Summer, one really special place to go to for icecream is Moomaid In The Field. It's a lovely wild spot for the kids to run around, while you sit and eat your ice cream to the moo of the cows. Drive up the coast road out of St Ives to Zennor and you will see it on your left.

My favourite Moomaid icecream flavour is their Shipwreck. Sea salt ice cream made with milk from the farm, dulce de leche caramel and honeycomb. I'm also rather partial to their espresso martini ice cream. NOT FOR THE KIDS!

Willy Wallers

Willy Wallers sells 32 yumpdiddlyumptious flavours of ice cream that are super tasty. They also offer gluten free and dairy free options, so great for those with allergies! They have a shop on the wharf, just passed The Sloop Inn.

My favourite Willy Wallers ice cream flavour is the Clotted Cream Vanilla Bean.


Jus' Desserts

Jus' Desserts is the big ice cream counter under the Balcony Bar by the Amusement Arcarde on the harbour. They sell a large array of lovely flavours.



Kellys have 3 ice cream kiosks in St Ives in the Summer. One by R&J Supplies by Smeaton's Pier, one near The Sloop Inn and one by the RNLI station on Westcott Pier. Their ice cream is made from clotted cream and whole milk all from Cornish cows, so it is really creamy!


Mr B's

Okay, I know this isn't St Ives, but if you are ever in Hayle and fancy an ice cream, check out Mr B's. It's a bit of an institution, selling a huge range of flavours and super creamy ice cream. The queues outside the shop on a sunny day are testiment to how good it is! My daughters favourite is the Triple Choc Chunk Fudge Chunk Choc Chip Ripple. Ridiculously sweet and chocolatey and guaranteed to make her eyes pop out in delight!