Zennor Walk Looking Over To Gurnard's Head

A Walk Around Zennor - Lovely Walks To Do From St Ives

Zennor is only a few miles up the coast road from St Ives. It is possible to walk from St Ives right along the South West Coast Path all the way to Zennor. However, it is a bit of a tricky walk, especially with children. We like to drive there and do the lovely circular walk around the village.

The circular walk starts at the car park in Zennor, goes down to the coast, heads round towards Gurnard's Head and comes back through the fields to Zennor. It is a fairly tricky walk at the start, going down and up quite steeply, but the rest of it is pretty gentle. In total it is about 6kms.

Getting There

From St Ives, drive up The Stennack and keep going along the B3306 (the coast road). It is a stunning drive with lots of twists and turns. There are plenty of places to park up to admire the view!

St Ives To Zennor B3306 Coast Road

Zennor village can get a little bit busy, especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You can park on the road, but please do try and park in the car park if there is a space. We have friends who live in the village and the traffic drives them a bit potty!

The car park is half way down the village road on the right hand side. It charges £1 to park via an honesty box.

The Walk

From the car park, go up a little pathway past the back of The Tinners pub. This will take you onto a little road that winds down to the sea. There are a couple of houses along here but there is usually no traffic.

Zennor Path St Ives Cornwall

After the beautiful house called Carn Cobba (you can stay there with Cornish Gems), turn left down the coast path. If you don't turn left and carry straight on you will be heading onto Zennor Head and back to St Ives. 

Pendour Cove Zennor St Ives Cornwall Walk

The path down into the valley is quite steep and the scree can be a bit slippery under foot. Once you get to the bottom, cross the bridge and start to climb. There is a lovely view point here overlooking Pendour Cove.

Climb up the cliff path to a little rickety bench, good for a quick snack and a look at the view.

Keep following the path round the cliff.

There is a small left fork in the path here which takes you down to Veor Cove. This is a beautiful beach for swimming at low tide, but at high tide there is no beach. The climb up and down is steep, but easier and more straightforward than places like Pedn Vounder.

Veor Cove Zennor St Ives Cornwall Walk

After your detour to the beach, follow the coast path along to Carnelloe. There is a sign that says private property but it is fine to walk along the path. There are also signs for open mine shafts. We have never come across them but keep and eye on your dogs and children!

Carnelloe Long Rock Zennor St Ives Coast Walk

The path takes you to a lovely view point over Carnelloe Long Rock and out towards Gurnards Head. This is a perfect spot for a cup of tea or a picnic lunch.

Zennor St Ives Walk Looking Over To Gurnards Head

Next, follow the cliff path back up. There is a signpost with Gurnards Head on. Take the left hand fork and follow the path behind the house.

Walk down the long driveway/lane until you get to the end. Turn left and then turn left again.

Coast Path Back From Zennor St Ives Walk

Walk over the fields back to Zennor. Stop to pick blackberries if the time of year is right! Look out for cows, birds of prey and lots of sloes too!


Through The Fields Back To Zennor St Ives Walk

Stop to pick blackberries if the time of year is right! Look out for cows, birds of prey and lots of sloes too!


Blackberries Zennor St Ives Coast Walk

You get a great view of the St Senara church in Zennor. This is a lovely place to pop in to see the Mermaid Of Zennor.

Zennor Church St Ives Cornwall


Once you get back to Zennor you can stop off for a well-earned ice cream (shipwreck is our favourite!) at the Moomaids cafe, or a drink and a meal at The Tinners Arms.

Moomaids Cafe Zennor St Ives Cornwall

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