Bamaluz Beach Dog Friendly Beach St Ives Cornwall

Bamaluz Beach – A Lovely Dog Walking Beach All Year Round

If you have been to St Ives and walked around the coast, the chances are you have walked past Bamaluz Beach without knowing it!

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall

Why Bamaluz?

The name comes from the Cornish "bal maen luz" which means grey stone mine. This is where the Wheal Dream tin mine was, and some of the mine walls are still intact. This explains why the beach has so many man made parts.

Soggy Books

Made famous by being featured in the “Soggy” books (a series of children’s books by local author Phil Moran), Bamaluz Beach is a small beach sitting in between Porthgwidden Beach and the Harbour.

Dogs Allowed

It is a lovely sandy beach at low tide with lots of rocks to clamber on. However, its real draw is that it is a dog friendly beach all year round. Therefore you will find it is VERY popular with dog walkers.

Getting To Bamaluz Beach

To get to Bamaluz Beach you need to walk along the harbour. Turn left just before you get to Smeatons Pier. Follow the road up and stay left on Wheal Dream. You will see St Ives Museum.

Beach Access

Bamaluz Beach is found over the wall in front of it - you will see the sign to the beach and the steps down.

This is where you might spot the famous Invisible Man of St Ives!

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall To The Beach


The steps are fairly step and uneven, and it is quite a way down. Bamaluz is a tricky beach if you have a pram, it is definitely not wheelchair accessible, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is a bit unsteady on their feet.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Steps

Dog Friendly

Bamaluz Beach is dog friendly all year round. Lots of people use this beach as their dog walking beach in Summer, so if you have children who don't like dogs I would avoid Bamaluz and go to one of the other main beaches instead.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Dog Friendly

Believe it or not, there are a number of local residents who live on Wheal Dream - the road above Bamaluz Beach. Please be considerate with your dogs and try to keep them from barking a huge amount. Also, please pick up your poo and take it off the beach. There are bins on Wheal Dream and the path to Porthgwidden Beach.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Dogs

The Beach

Bamaluz Beach is a lovely, sandy beach at low tide, with lots of rocks and walls to sit and clamber on. The rocks that lead around to the left of the beach are good for snorkelling.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Rocks

Bamaluz Beach looks out over St Ives Bay and really has glorious views across to Hayle Beach, Gwithian, and Godrevy Lighthouse.

It is a pretty beach sheltered as it faces East and gets a lot of sun during the day. However, the sun quickly goes behind the towering houses above the beach and will be in shade later in the day.

Because it faces East, it rarely gets waves. However, at certain times during Winter the waves roll in and the surfers will be out.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall View Over The Bay

At the opposite end of the beach is the side of New Pier. At low tide you can also see the remains of Wood Pier - the wooden stumps in the water.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Pier

The town towers over the beach. The houses behind the beach are on Sea View Place and must have amazing views!

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Houses

High Tide

At high tide the sandy part of the beach can pretty much disappear, so do check the tides before setting out with your dog.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall High Tide

St Ives Museum

St Ives Museum sits high above Bamaluz Beach. It is packed full of local historical artefacts all about the bygone age of St Ives. It isn't a sleek, trendy place, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a wonderful treasure trove of St Ives life.

Click here to read all about the St Ives Museum >>

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Museum

The steps back up are steep! We hope you think it was worth the climb.

Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Steep Climb Up

Facilities On Bamaluz Beach

Toilets: the nearest toilets are on Smeaton’s Pier

Car Park: the nearest car park in on Smeaton’s Pier. Alternatively, there is The Sloop and The Island car park

Food & Drink: the nearest place to get food and drink is by Smeaton’s Pier. The cafe at Porthgwidden is only a short walk away too.

It is right by the St Ives Museum, if you fancy popping in for a browse!

Lifeguard: there is NO LIFEGUARD on Bamaluz Beach

Dogs: Bamaluz Beach is dog friendly ALL YEAR ROUND!


Bamaluz Beach St Ives Cornwall Location


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