Man's Head St Ives Cornwall

Explore Man's Head Overlooking Porthmeor In St Ives Cornwall

Man's Head - St Ives Cornwall

Man's Head is the distinctive rocky outcrop that sits overlooking Porthmeor Beach to the West (left hand side if you are facing the sea). It is named Man's Head due to it looking like a gnarly old man from some angles.

Getting There

You can only get to Man's Head by walking along the South West Coast Path a little way, past the Bowling Green on Beach Road. It is not accessible by car, but the nearest car park is at Porthmeor, so not too far away.

Things To Do

Man's Head is a rock formation that is mainly good for scrambling up, fishing from and sitting on and enjoying the amazing view. It is the perfect spot to watch the waves and the surfers or to look for seals, dolphins and birds. There is a wide stretch of grass below it which is lovely for walking on or picnicing away from pesky seagulls. There is also an old shelter in case in rains.

Mans' Head Shelter & Grass St Ives Cornwall

You can pick up the South West Coast Path at Man's Head and either do a circular walk back into town, or walk the 6 miles to Zennor. The circular walk takes you to Clodgy Point and up the hill to Burthallan (Brallan) Lane and then back down to town through Ayr.

Man's Head South West Coast Path St Ives Cornwall

From Man's Head you can climb down to the rocks on the West side of Porthmeor Beach. It's a bit of a tricky climb and it can be slippy in places. This is a great place at low tide for rock pooling and also you can often see lots of birds around here.

During Spring and Summer the flowers are in bloom around Man's Head. The hedges become full of flowers, insects and bird life which is beautiful to see. Further along the South West Coast Path you will find lots more flowers such as orchids and gorse (tasty to eat the new bright yellow flowers).

Mans' Head Flora and Fauna St Ives Cornwall


There are no facilities, other than places to sit, on Man's Head. However, there are lots of facilities including cafes and toilets on Porthmeor Beach, which is only a 5 min walk away.

South West Coast Path Looking Back To Man's Head And The Island St Ives

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Map Showing Man's Head In St Ives

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