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The Minack Theatre – Beautiful, Dramatic and Entertaining

Minack Theatre – Wow What A Dramatic Stage!

I defy anyone to visit the Minack theatre and not be gobsmacked. It is flipping gorgeous! Perched high on the cliffs overlooking some of the best beaches in the entire world, the Minack theatre almost doesn’t seem real.

Minack Theatre Cornwall Boat View

Rowena Cade

The Minack was built by THE most amazing woman called Rowena Cade. She hand built – yes I did say HAND BUILT the theatre with her gardener Billy Rawlings. They shifted everything by hand and carved out this most perfect theatre on the cliffs. I find this utterly amazing and inspirational. What a woman!

Minack Theatre Cornwall Rowena Cade

A spooky bit of info – Rowena Cade looks the spitting image of my husbands Aunt. We are sure they must somehow be related!

What’s On At The Minack?

The first performance was in the 1930s with The Tempest. But it is not all Shakespeare. The range of works put on at The Minack is just brilliant. Gilbert and Sullivan to Anton Chekov. Lewis Carroll to Roald Dahl. Plus lots of music concerts too. There should be something for everyone – both amateur and professional.

We have been to shows at the Minack in all weathers. We have got terribly sunburned and drenched right through (once both in one play!). In my opinion, the weather just adds to the whole experience. My sister would disagree though, she went to a show last Summer and got COMPLETELY soaked through to the skin. She also dropped her flask of hot soup (the glass inside shattered) and so didn’t have anything nice to warm up with. She came back home a bit grumpy and unimpressed!

The Minack View

I’m really not over-egging how good the view is from the Minack. It is just spectacular. I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of the time just gazing out to sea. It is gorgeous on a blue sky day and even more gorgeous in the evening. I can’t remember what show we went to see (pre-kids so I don’t retain that sort of information). However, I do remember sitting there with the sun setting. It was a totally mind blowing, vivid sunset. Then on the horizon as the darkness swept in, you could see little flashes of light from lighthouses, buoys and boats. And then the stars came out. Oh my, it was fabulous!

This was back in the days of yore when I didn’t have a good camera. I haven’t got any pictures to show you, so you will just have to make do with this day time beauty!

Minack Theatre Cornwall Pedn Vounder And Logan's Rock

Very Entertaining For The Kids

Over Easter and Summer, the Minack puts on brilliant shows for the kids. There is always a story telling session during the day (you do need to book up as tickets sell out fast during the school holidays) and there is usually a very kid friendly play. We have seen George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch and Danny The Champion Of The World.

Minack Theatre Cornwall Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

I’m really excited to see they are putting on The Railway Children by E Nesbit over Easter 2018. It was one of my favourite books as a child – I can’t wait for my daughter to see it!

How We Do A Minack Visit

We have been to the kids shows during the day. We like to park at the car park by the Telegraph Museum and have a picnic lunch on Porthcurno beach.

Minack Theatre Cornwall Picnic On Porthcurno Beach

We then steel ourselves for a bit of a steep climb up the cliff steps to the Minack.

Minack Theatre Cornwall Walking Up The Cliffs

You need to wear decent shoes and be reasonably nimble, like a mountain goat, to get up here.

Minack Theatre Cornwall Cliff Steps

Otherwise you can walk up the road, or drive up and park in the Minack car park (free).

Our Minack Theatre Essentials!

  • A flask of hot tea or soup
  • Cold drinks
  • Something to eat
  • Waterproofs
  • A beach rug
  • Hats for everyone
  • An extra sweater for everyone
  • Sun cream – even if it doesn’t look like it will be sunny!

Minack Theatre Cornwall Us

I’m Always Thinking About Food…

If you don’t fancy picnicking on the beach, arrive an hour early and sit and eat your picnic in your seats. You will have the best view in the world to aid your digestion! You can take your own food and drink into the Minack and eat and drink right through the show.

Seats are first come first served, so a bonus of getting there early is you get seats nearer to the front. Don’t worry though, if you arrive later you will always get a seat with a view.

Whenever we have been, the seaters have always been really helpful. When Ben was tiny we asked to a back rest seat so I could feed him more easily. They were very accommodating!

If you haven’t brought food with you, you can buy it either from Katies Cornish Hot Pots in the car park (opens 2 hours before shows) or at the Minack cafe. We always come armed with a picnic though (picky children and low funds!).

Minack Theatre Useful Info

Opening Times

The Minack theatre opens daily from 9:30am and closes to visitors at 11:30am for matinees and 6:30pm for evening performances. If you are just coming to visit for a look around, you do need to check the website to see whether or not there is a performance during the day.

The cafe closes at 5pm

Admission Prices (not tickets for a performance)

Adults: £10.00
Under 15s: £5.00
Under 11’s: 0.50p
Under 2’s go free

You need to pre-book a specific time slot.

Ask for a re-admission voucher at the end of your visit which lets you come back to visit all year round!

Admission is free if you have a show ticket for that day.

Ticket prices for the shows do vary, so you will need to check their website for properly accurate details. The last show we went to we paid £25 per adult ticket and £12.50 for the children each.

Dog Friendly

The Minack is dog friendly EXCEPT during performances as dogs can bark and ruin the event. Guide dogs are allowed at all times.

There is plenty of free parking at the Minack - you don't need to park at Porthcurno and walk up.

There are plenty of loos and refreshment facilities on site.

The box office telephone number is 01736 810181

Minack Theatre Cornwall Entrance


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