The Oldest House In St Ives Cornwall - The Breton's House

The Oldest House In St Ives And Pudding Bag Lane

The Breton's House - The Oldest House In St Ives

If you are on The Wharf by The Sloop Inn, turn up Fish Street and look to your right. Number 5 Fish Street is quite an unassuming building, made from granite. This is reputed to be the oldest house in St Ives and is believed to have being built in the 1600s. It's basement is cut into the bedrock which must be fascinating to see!

The Oldest House is also called The Breton's House as it was built to house the Breton (French) fishermen who came to fish the waters of St Ives in the Summer months.

The plaque on the side of the house is one of the 6 made at the Leach Pottery in 1951 for the Festival of Britain. 4 others can be found in St Ives at The Baulking House (Huer's Hut) on Hain Walk, Hicks Court just off The Digey, on St Leonard's Chapel on Smeaton's Pier, and on the back of the Kidz R Us St Ives Theatre.

If you are looking for somewhere historical (and central) to stay in St Ives, you can rent out The Oldest House for a holiday.

The History Of Pudding Bag Lane

The area around this end of Fish Street used to look quite different. Behind The Sloop Inn in what is now The Sloop car park stood Pudding Bag Lane.

Pudding Bag Lane was squeezed into the area between Fish Street and The Sloop car park. If you imagine Fish Street cut in two (and it is already pretty narrow), the houses of Pudding Bag Lane (or Capel Court as it was officially called) started there.

The houses of Pudding Bag Lane were very old, in very poor condition and were overcrowded. There was only one way in and out (or as the locals used to say, "In one way and out the same") and it was very cramped.

In the 1930s they were demolished in the slum clearances, which was understandably sad but probably reasonable.

There are lots of wonderful old images of Pudding Bag Lane which are fascinating to look at.

Map Showing The Oldest House In St Ives

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