Porthmeor Studios St Ives Cornwall

Porthmeor Studios Children’s Art Project

Porthmeor Studios Children’s Art Project

Porthmeor Studios – St Ives – A Rainy Easter Monday

This Easter Monday we decided to try out The Beehive at Porthmeor Studios. It was forecast for rain all day so we thought an indoor activity would be perfect.

I had picked up a flyer about The Beehive in town and, although it wasn’t too clear on what it was all about, it looked interesting. And FREE!

We walked into town past our favourite beach, Porthmeor. It was looking lovely as always, and pretty busy considering the weather forecast! It uplifts us all seeing the Lifeguards back – it means it is really Spring.

Porthmeor Beach Easter Monday

Porthmeor Studios is located on Back Road West in St Ives. Over the last few years a lot of money has been spent on renovating the building. They have done a superb job of it and it is a really lovely place to visit.

Porthmeor Studios Entrance St Ives Cornwall

The Beehive art activities took place in the room at the back, overlooking the beach.

Porthmeor Studios Beehive Art Room St Ives Cornwall

It quite an inspiring room to be in. It is light, airy and has possibly the best view in town!

Porthmeor Studios Art Room St Ives Cornwall

Porthmeor Studios View From The Window

We were welcomed in by 2 lovely ladies. They explained that there were 2 main spaces to create art in.

Porthmeor Studios Information

We started with the fishing net. N chose some bright yellow wool from a big bucket and cut it into long pieces. She started to weave it onto the fishing net, looping it and knotting it.

Porthmeor Studios Fishing Net Art

For such a simple idea, she found it fascinating. She spent a lot of time looking at what other children had done and was especially impressed with the finger knitting that a couple of older children had done.

While N and I were busy, my 1 year old was happily entertained (with his Dad) with fuzzy felts. Who doesn’t like fuzzy felts?

Porthmeor Studios Fuzzy Felt Art

Next, we moved onto the wall mural. This was full of some really unique shapes and pictures done by visitors over the Easter weekend. We especially liked the boat and waves!

Porthmeor Studios Art Wall Mural

N took a bucket of sticky paper and, rather than using the pre-cut shapes, decided she wanted to cut her own. She made a little girl (wearing a pair of knickers!) in a garden of flowers.

Porthmeor Studios Family Fun Art

I’m not sure N took any inspiration from the works of Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and Henry Moore, but she had a lovely time creating her own art work!

We spent a good hour creating our art and then in true bank holiday style, we bought pasties (from St Ives Bakery on the corner of the Digey) and ate them, watching the newby surfers on Porthmeor Beach.

Porthmeor Beach Surfers Easter Monday St Ives Cornwall

As usual the weather forecast wasn’t spot on and we got lots of sun (and a bit of rain too).

Happy Days!

The Beehive was run by tate.org.uk/stives.

Porthmeor Studios is located on Back Road West, TR25 1NG, St Ives.


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