Red Arrows G7 Summit Cornwall June 2021

The Red Arrows Display For The G7 Summit In Cornwall - 12th June 2021

I'll be honest, we've kept a bit away from the whole G7 thing. For some in St Ives and Carbis Bay, it's brought prosperity, but for others (the people we actually know) it has just caused headaches and disruption. I'm also not sure where I stand on things, as all the helicopters, private jets, huge amount of traffic and building work done just for the weekend doesn't seem to sit well with trying to act to prevent climate change. I'm sure there are reasonings behind it and I'd like to think the meeting caused more good than harm.

One of the really nice things that came from the G7 summit was The Red Arrows Display. Again, I'm not sure how good they are for the environment, but they really did put on a lovely display. Saturday (12th June) in general was amazing - full bright sunshine all day long, spent in the garden and on the beach. We finished it off with a walk up to The Island to sit and watch the display, followed by a late evening play on the beach to watch the sun set. I hope you enjoy my video of the red arrows - I kept in the commentry by my 6 year old son as I found it amusing!

St Ives Seagull

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