St Ives Arts Club

St Ives Arts Club

The St Ives Arts Club was founded in 1890 and, despite its position, right on the edge of the sea and therefore getting battered by some incredible waves and storms, it is still standing 130 years later!

St Ives Arts Club Cornwall

The original premises were upstairs and the downstairs was a carpenters workshop. Access to upstairs was gained by a ladder!

The Arts Club has now taken over the full building, stairs included!

St Ives Arts Club Stairs Cornwall

The aim of the arts club is to provide a venue for artists to exhibit their work, a music venue for performers, a theatre venue for actors and a venue to hire for events.

St Ives Arts Club Gallery Cornwall

They host art exhibitions, art events, online galleries, theatrical productions, poetry evenings and story telling, musical performances, comedy evening and film shows.

St Ives Arts Club Founded 1890 Cornwall

The St Ives Arts Club is located on Wescotts Quay just at the start of The Warren.

St Ives Arts Club Warren Entrance Cornwall

If you would like more information about the St Ives Arts Club, click here >>

St Ives Arts Club Presidents Cornwall
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