St Ives Skate Park Cornwall

The Amazing New Skate Park In St Ives Cornwall

St Ives Skate Park – Our Local Skate Park

In 2016 the St Ives Skatepark Project was set up to raise funds to completely re-do the existing, very dilapidated skate park in St Ives.

In 2021 construction finally began and was completed by world renowned skatepark builders Maverick.

St Ives Skate Park

They have created a fantastic new concrete skate park which will not only stand up to the St Ives weather (salt can cause havoc to structures such as skate parks) but will appeal to all levels of users.

St Ives Skate Park
St Ives Skate Park
St Ives Skate Park
St Ives Skate Park
St Ives Skate Park
St Ives Skate Park David Symons Memorial


They are in the middle of building an eco toilet there, as otherwise the nearest loo is in town!

St Ives Skate Park Eco Toilet Cornwall

The nearest shop is the co-op at the roundabout by Alexandra Road.

The Skate Park is free to use and often has a warden helping out. Through out the year lessons are advertised (often free for locals) and they hold girls only skate sessions too.

Where Is The Skate Park?

Go up Higher Stennack and turn up the hill by the Fire Station. The skate park is behind the normal park, near to the St Ives Community Orchard.

Map Of The St Ives Skate Park

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St Ives Seagull

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