The Nearly There Trees - Postcards From St Ives

The Nearly There Trees - As I Was Going To St Ives

The Nearly There Trees

The journey to St Ives from anywhere up country can seem like a long one. If you have finally turned onto the A30 and spot the "nearly there trees" it can really lift your spirits. Except you aren't nearly there, you are still in Devon!

What Are The Nearly There Trees?

Their official name is Cookworthy Knapp and they sit high on a hill overlooking the A30 in Lifton - Devon. The trees are beech trees and it is believed that there are about 140 of them (but we've not counted them).

Why Are They There?

There are lots of romantic and historically inaccurate tales about why the trees are there. Ancient burial sites, quarries, true love and the Battle Of Trafalgar are all mentioned in relation to them. But we understand the facts are that they were originally planted by the Lifton Park estate as game cover in the early 1900s. They are now owned by the Maynard family who bought the land in the 1970s. The land around the trees is farmed, but the trees remain standing tall as a beautiful landmark for those on their way to Cornwall.

Map Showing The Nearly There Trees

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St Ives Seagull

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