The Open Top Bus From St Ives To Land's End

The Fabulous Open Top Bus From St Ives - Lands End

The Open Top Bus From St Ives To Land's End

The bright bus called the Land's End Coaster goes from St Ives to Land's End, all along the coast. The upper deck has an open top and it is perfect for taking in the truly amazing scenery along the way. If you are in the area of St Ives you really can't fail to miss it as it pootles along the coast roads.

It is a beautiful trip to take on a sunny day but do be aware of rain squalls and sunburn in the same trip!!!

The journey takes about 1.25 hours to get from St Ives to Land's End, but with a day ticket you can get on and off at your leisure. I highly recommend stopping off at Zennor, Sennen and Porthcurno and making the trip into an all day thing. No need to worry about traffic and parking.

Just a word of caution, in the height of Summer the bus does often get snarled in the little roads, especially around Porthcurno. Patience is needed and a good sense of humour (and that goes for the car drivers too!). The journey may take longer than you think it will!

The open top bus stops at...

The Malakoff St Ives
Gurnards Head
Geevor Tin Mine
St Just
Land's End Airport
Sennen Cove
Land's End

It then goes on to
Newlyn Bridge
Penzance Bus Station

Buses depart from Penzance back to St Ives via Land's End every hour from 8:45am to 17:45pm.

Buses depart from Land's End back to St Ives (same bus) every hour from 8:40am to 18:40pm. The last bus gets back into St Ives at about 8pm.

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From what I can gather dogs are allowed on the bus.

How Much Is The Open Top Bus?

The open top ticket prices for 2022 have really come down. It now costs £10 for a family day ticket and £5 per adult, £4 for children for an all day pass. You can use your bus passes on here too. This makes a HUGE difference to the cost - last year to take a family of 4 is was nearly £50!

More info >>

Please do note that this is a personal blog post written by myself. I don't work for the bus company or regularly follow changes in time tables or costs. For that information you would need to contact the bus company First Group directly.

I also don't drive the bus myself - last year I got a very rude email berrating my bus driving and threatening to report me to the bus police. The man's bus had got snarled in traffic around Porthcurno and he seemed to think it was my fault. Fortunately I have a sense of humour and took his choice language with a pinch of salt.

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St Ives Seagull

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