Red Telephone Kiosk The Booth St Ives Cornwall

The Red Telephone Boxes Of St Ives

The Red Telephone Boxes Of St Ives

Who doesn't love an old fashioned red telephone box? Why oh why did they get replaced by those awful bland ones? Okay, I know techology moved on and they became obsolete, but they were so lovely and friendly looking.

St Ives of course has retained a couple of red telephone boxes. We are a nostalgic bunch and at least half of us wish we could still call home for 10p!

There is a red telephone box by The Sloop Inn and one right up the top of Tregenna Hill on The Terrace. The one up on The Terrace is called The Booth and is maintained through local advertising and is very well loved. The one by The Sloop Inn

We believe they are owned by the council (only councils or land owners can purchase them through BTs Adopt A Kiosk scheme).

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