telephone box st ives cornwall

The St Ives Telephone Box

If you come into St Ives along Fern Lea Terrace (past The Malakoff and Train Station) you will see perched high up an eye catching telephone box.

Telephone Box St Ives Cornwall Fern Lea Terrace
Telephone Box St Ives Cornwall From The Slope
Telephone Box St Ives Cornwall Looking Down The Hill
Telephone Box St Ives Cornwall Close Up

For different events it used to get re-decorated. It was the brain child of local man Mark Campbell, who sadly died in 2023. His designs and ideas were really loved and made a lot of people smile.

I wasn't sure whether to include this on here, but Mark put so much time and effort into his designs I decided it would be nice to talk about it here.

I'm not sure but I did hear one of his family members was taking over the care of the telephone box. If I hear anything more I will update the information here.

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