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Trevaskis Farm - Animals, Pick Your Own, Farm Shop & The BEST Desserts!

Trevaskis Farm – Animals, Pick Your Own, Farm Shop & The BEST Desserts!

Trevaskis Farm is a little farm (28 acres) quite local to us. It is near Hayle, through Connor Downs. We love it for many reasons and visit regularly throughout the year.

Things We Love About Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm Shop

They have an excellent farm shop with a really good fresh fish and meat section. If you are looking for something special it is a really good place to shop. They sell lots of unusual, hard to get in Cornwall type things. And they do LOVELY bread. Beware though, you will come out with a much lighter wallet!

Walking Around The Farm

The farm is designed for visitors. You can walk through the farm and look at the animals and things growing there. We love going in the Spring when all the cute little piglets have been born. Yes, we know they will end up in the farm shop, just don’t tell the kids!

Trevaskis Farm Hayle Cornwall Cows

Pick Your Own

One of the most delightful things that Trevaskis do is their pick your own. And the best of these is the pick your own strawberries in July. Oh my word, they are super tasty. Once you have tasted a Trevaskis strawberry you will struggle to go back to bland supermarket strawberries. Strawberry picking in the Summer is always on our to do list and the kids get really excited about it.

Trevaskis Farm Hayle Cornwall Pick Your Own Strawberries

Special Event Days

Trevaskis put on special event days, such as Apple Day and Pick Your Own Pumpkin days. These are great events with big turnouts. There is usually a trail for the children to take part in and things like face painting and bouncy castles. We haven’t ever picked our own pumpkin – yet. We were too late last year and ended up having to dash to the supermarket to buy some. This year we knew we were too late – next year we will do this!

Christmas At Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm do Christmas really well. Everything feels tasteful and not at all tacky (unlike the supermarkets and garden centres). They sell Christmas Trees, Turkeys and all sorts of other Christmassy fodder.

Over the years we have bought several turkeys them. You need to order in advance with them. Picking up the turkey from Trevaskis is turning into one of family Christmas traditions.

I’m no longer allowed to cook the Christmas Turkey. I have gained a reputation for turning prime Trevaskis birds into cotton wool fluff. In my defence, this only happened ONE TIME. Apparently this is one time too many in my family. It happened 3 years ago. I was rather pregnant with Ben at the time. Everyone wanted to help with the Christmas meal. But no, I insisted, in that bossy pregnant woman type of way taking on far too much, that I was going to cook the whole main meal on Christmas Day, including of course the turkey. I had it all planned out, it was going to be beautiful. I was going to be a pregnant domestic goddess. I had it all in hand, no I didn’t need any help, it was all in the oven, in the pans cooking away nicely. And then I fell asleep. For a loooong time. A sleep that you only do during the day as an adult when you are either lunchtime drunk, or pregnant. And no one realised the turkey needed to come out. So my very expensive, free range, organic Trevaskis turkey turned into meaty cotton wool. That is why I am no longer allowed to cook the Christmas turkey.

Trevaskis Farm Restaurant

Back to Trevaskis Farm. One real Sunday delight is having a Sunday roast in their restaurant. The food is delicious (where possible they use their own grown meat and veg) and the portions are substantial. If you have any room after your roast, get your eyes on over to their dessert counter.

A Word On Trevaskis Desserts!

Did you know that you can SHARE a dessert. Share a dessert I hear you cry, why in gods name would I want to do that? Well, Trevaskis Farm restaurant dessert portion sizes are HUGE. I’m saying that and I am a big old eater, capable of demolishing vast quantities. But even I have been defeated by a roast followed by a full dessert at Trevaskis. At Trevaskis you can not only SHARE your dessert, but you can have half portions of 2 different desserts. Or, if you are a super awesome eater, you can have 2 half portions and eat both yourself!

Trevaskis Farm Hayle Cornwall Family Meal

Useful Info About Trevaskis Farm

The sat nav postcode is TR27 5JQ. There is plenty of free parking at Trevaskis.

There are loos at the farm.

It is best to wear welly boots even in the Summer. There are boggy bits and it makes for a more pleasant visit (we think!).

There is wheelchair access to the restaurant and shop. The farm itself is fairly wheelchair and pram friendly. However, it can get wet and boggy in places.

The shop is open from 8am to 8pm every day except Christmas Day.

Admission into the farm is FREE!

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