St Ives Harbour Beach Cornwall

St Ives Harbour Beach – Mind Those Pesky Seagulls

St Ives Harbour Beach is very jaunty, quite old fashioned feeling beach. With it’s stripey deckchairs and ice creams galore, it really is a buzzy beach, especially in the height of Summer.

At high tide the beach can almost disappear. However, at low tide the sea goes right out past Smeaton’s Pier, leaving a huge expanse of sand with boats to explore.

It is a lovely sandy beach and is often filled with children and young families. The locals often use this beach to meet up for play dates. It is a brilliant beach in the out-of-season months as it is usually sheltered and so there is often a little sunny spot for you to eat your pasty!

One word of warning, WATCH OUT FOR THE SEAGULLS. They watch your every move and are just waiting to grab your pasty or icecream!

Please do be aware that St Ives Harbour is a WORKING harbour, with fishing and boat trips regularly going out.

St Ives Harbour Beach Cornwall Location

Getting To St Ives Harbour Beach


St Ives Harbour Beach is a short walk (2 mins) from the center of town.

There is no direct bus access. The buses in St Ives drop off either at the bus station, Royal Square, or on the road behind Porthmeor Beach.

You can drive along the road (Wharf Road) which takes you past the beach. It is possible to drop people off, but be prepared to be beeped at by busy locals!

The nearest car parks are The Sloop and Smeaton’s Pier.

Access Onto Harbour Beach

There are steps are various points along the beach and there is a slope onto the sand about half way along.

Facilities On Harbour Beach

Toilets. There are toilets behind The Sloop and on Smeaton’s Pier.
Car Park. You can park behind The Sloop or on Smeaton’s Pier. If these are full up there is a bigger car park on The Island.
Food & Drink. There is a huge array of cafes, restaurants, takeaways and shops all within a few steps of the beach.
There is NO LIFEGUARD at this beach. However, it is a very safe beach for paddling and swimming. Do take care though as boats use the harbour, as do seals!
Dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10am and 6pm 1st July to 31st August 2023. Please check the Cornwall council website for full details.

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